Answering the Skeptics on Nitrogen-Filled Tyres

Nitrofill from New Zealand is a very successful product that fills tyres with nitrogen instead of their traditional air. The claims are that this makes them safer to use and easier to handle, but the critics question whether these claims are true and if they are just being charged for extra for what is essentially air.

Tested and Tried

These are the kinds of skeptical ways of thinking that come up for every new product that seeks to change the way things are done. But the truth about nitrogen-filled tyres is that this is not a new concept. It is something that has been done for a while now, just not on the level where it was readily available to typical car owners.

In the past, this is a product that was available really only to race car drivers and military groups. But that’s not because no one else could use it. It was because the process to produce the nitrogen was rather expensive. It wouldn’t have made sense to release to a cost-conscious open market.

What Nitrofill in New Zealand has done is made the process cheaper and simpler with their nitrogen processer. This pulls the nitrogen right out of the air to fill the tyres, rather than through the expensive procedures of the past.

And testing on the kinds of cars that regular people use every day showed some remarkable results for nitrogen-filled tyres. The tyres lasted longer because water was not able to get inside and erode the tyres like they would when they were filled with oxygen. Also, the tyres performed better, allowing for a smoother ride and greater control of the vehicle.

Some Added Benefits

Nitrofill in New Zealand has been working hard to make this product as desirable as possible for consumers. This is mostly been done in the form of a warranty that not only replaced old and busted tyres, but also provides roadside assistance, a 24 hour customer assistance hotline and free emergency refills of nitrogen.

And with more and more places offering nitrogen refills, it is becoming harder for many people to resist transitioning over. Many car dealers now offer nitrogen with each new car they sell.

And roadside tests from the product that Nitrofill in New Zealand sells have proven that fuel efficiency is increased by switching to nitrogen-filled tyres. The smoother ride accounts means less work for the engine to do, which can save up to 10% on fuel usage. With gas prices rising like they are, that can mean big savings for consumers.

Overall, the nitrogen tyres seem like a safe bet. And now more than ever they are a cost-effective way for customers to enhance their road safety. With so many accidents happening each year on the roads, it would definitely benefit customers to improve their safety by switching to nitrogen-filled tyres as soon as possible. The tests preformed on these tyres are enough to quiet even the most ardent of critics.

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Is Your Roof Going To Make It Through The Thunderstorm?

You must always be prepared and there are a couple of things that you can-do before and following a thunderstorm to decrease the repairs prices you may have to face should you roof be broken.

Annual roof reviews can catch any potential problems early, fixing can be made as well as the danger of further damage is radically reduced.

When you get the information that a thunderstorm is on the way, you can’t anticipate your roofing Auckland contractor to rush out and check your roof, which explains why you do your routine reviews.

However, what you can-do is always to ensure branches are cut back and there isn’t something that can smash down onto your roof during the storm. Assess the ceiling space for escapes and ensure everything is in buy ahead of the storm hits.

If you like it is possible to climb up onto the roof and ensure the tiles are in place and prepared for the weather which is fast approaching.

If you discover that the roof suddenly begins leaking, put a bucket directly beneath the escape in the ceiling area to lessen the risk of it leaking to the lower floors of the property.

Once the storm has ended, whether you’ve got escapes or not, it’s recommended to call in your re-roofing contractors in Auckland firm to do a quick review. Fairly be safe than sorry.

You may walk across the property and look for escapes, consistently climb in your ceiling space and ensure that trees haven’t blown over and get a look at the roof to see if there is any debris on the roofing.

Finally climb up onto the roofing and inspect it yourself. But if you are not certain at any stage, call-in your roofing firm to do the needed tests.

Riteline Roofing are a reroofing contractor in Auckland that provide roofing services to businesses and dwellings throughout the area. This family owned company has over 20 years reroofing Auckland experience and give you a pleasant, professional and quality service to each of their customers.

Riteline Roofing includes a team of capable and professional roofers on hand to do roofing upkeep, repairs, install new roofs, re- roof and roof flashing, just to mention some of the services they offer.

With an eye for depth and functioning to high standards, Riteline Roofing have eventually become a top roofing company in the Auckland region, dedicated to customer service and using only the best quality roofing and cladding products available on the market nowadays.

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Choosing Roofing for Your New Home

Building a new home is such an exciting time. You sit with your architect and carefully draw up the plans, you start to imagine what the house will look like completed and you watch as the build slowly makes its way up from foundation to roof.

But it’s during this process that you have many major decisions to make, one of these is the type of roofing you will use to protect the interior of your property. This is a decision that needs to be made early on. The roof is put on as soon as the main structure is built, protecting the interior of the property so the plumbers, electricians and other contractors can carry out their work without being exposed to the elements.

There are so many great roofing options available, some more popular in New Zealand than others.


Roofing tiles are a popular choice. These tiles are available in a choice of colours that can enhance the overall finish of the property. They are prone to chipping and can be damaged in heavy winds or a storm, so if your property is located in an area where storms are a common occurrence, you may want to consider a different and more cost effective roofing option.

Long Run Roofing

Long run roofing has become the top choice in the Auckland area. This roofing is a corrugated product that is placed at an angle on the roof to ensure water runs off with ease.

Long run roofing is considered a lightweight roofing option that can withstand storms and heavy winds and if repairs are necessary, they do not break the bank.


Thatch isn’t very common in New Zealand. This is a mastered roofing style that uses natural materials to make a roof. The problem is that it is a fire hazard, it can’t withstand very high winds and while it is lightweight, like the long run roofing, it isn’t as durable.


Slate is exceptionally popular throughout the world, though this is definitely one of the more expensive options when choosing roofing for your property. Slate is laid in place in a cladding style to improve drainage.

The advantage to slate is that if one or two of the tiles are damaged, you only have to replace those tiles and not the entire roof.

Which is Best for You?

This is only a few of the roofing options available, there are copper roofs, concrete roofs and many other materials you can take into consideration.

Riteline Roofing, an Auckland based roofing professional specialise in long run roofing and cladding. They suggest these roofing options for Auckland properties where the weather can be unpredictable.

These roofing options are also cost effective and don’t require major maintenance. Regular roofing inspections are required on all roofs to reduce the risk of damage at a later stage.

Riteline Roofing have over twenty years’ experience, they have a team of professional roofers reading to help you with all your roofing requirements and they are a name that is trusted throughout the area.

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